MA Carpentry


MA Carpentry

MA Carpentry approached North Lanarkshire’s Working for support when they were interested in growing their business by taking on an apprentice.

They were assigned their own dedicated Employability Development Officer (EDO) to support them through the process. Working with their EDO they agreed the type of candidates they were looking for. The post was then advertised for free, and the business was provided with a full recruitment service including shortlisting and arranging interviews, which they felt helped ease the stress of recruitment.

As a result of the Employer Recruitment Incentive MA Carpentry went on to recruit not one, but two apprentice joiners, which they would have been unable to do without the financial support on offer.

Both apprentices are doing well in their new roles and are making great progress in their training, proving themselves to be keen and hard working.

Our new apprentices have been a great addition to the business and are helping the business to grow. We would highly recommend the service offered to employers by North Lanarkshire’s Working to other local businesses.

If you’re a local business ready to take the next step in staff recruitment, get in touch with North Lanarkshire’s Working here to discuss a plan tailored to your business needs.