Childcare Support

As part of our Prospects programme we offer childcare support.

We know how it feels to juggle lots of things at once, that’s why we support people with free childcare.

The thought of finding a job whilst having little ones to look after can be enough to put you off, but we are here to help our clients and their families.

Whether it is Airdrie or Wishaw, Kilsyth or Bellshill, we cover the whole of North Lanarkshire. We have close links with trusted registered childcare providers to ensure the pressure, and cost, of childcare is taken away when you start work.

If childcare commitments are the only thing preventing you from getting back to work, we can provide free childcare for your first few weeks of employment to allow you to settle in and not have to face that financial burden.

For more information contact us or call 0800 783 4731