The NL Employer Charter

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Would you be interested in supporting North Lanarkshire values and become an accredited employer in the NL employer charter?

The NL employer charter has been created to maintain and support a network of employers across North Lanarkshire; those who do business responsibly – enabling both employers and employees to benefit as the economy grows.

We’re looking to engage with all types and sizes of organisations across North Lanarkshires to assist them to change the North Lanarkshire labour market profile; supporting access to appropriately qualified employees, developing positive outcomes and reducing levels of unemployment and economic inactivity.

Employers achieving the highest level of accreditation would be seen as having a strategic level of engagement with high participation and contribution to the labour market, possibly as part of one of our academy programmes.

The NL employer charter contains key principles, which are aligned to drive positive improvements in outcomes in our North Lanarkshire labour market, and which are reflected in the four pillars of the scheme.

The four pillars

The NL employer charter focuses broadly on compliance with our four key principles:

  • Fair Pay​ – increasing our average weekly wage in line with the Fairer Scotland Duty
    • all directly employed staffed are being paid the Real Living Wage (£9.90 per hour) and this can be confirmed by evidence.
    • Employer is actively working towards paying the Real Living Wage within the next 12 months.
  • Employ North Lanarkshire – ensuring that job opportunities go to NL residents​
    • Employer is committed to engaging with NL Working when new employment and apprenticeship opportunities arise within the organisation.
    • Employer promotes and provides apprenticeship / work experience / work placements and actively engages with local schools and education.
    • Employer promotes volunteering and volunteering opportunities within the wider community.
  • Buy North Lanarkshire – enhancing supply chain / procurement / community benefits​
    • Employer commits to including North Lanarkshire businesses in its supply chain wherever possible.
    • Employer is involved in community benefits / social value through procurement.
  • Be the Best – ensuring fair work practices which attract and retain employees
    • Employer offers flexible working and family friendly working practices
    • Employer offers workforce training, development and progression
    • Employer has a health and wellbeing policy
    • Employer has an equality and diversity policy

Membership to the scheme is FREE. A Gold, Silver or Bronze award will bring your business the following advantages:

  • Official recognition as a good North Lanarkshire employer, with The NL employer charter marketing pack, including assets for use on company websites, social media and email signatures.
  • Access to support, expertise and, where appropriate, funding to help develop and grow a capable, resilient, future-ready workforce which supports your businesses goals and aims.
  • Boost your company profile – publicity, promotion and attracting new talent​.
  • Gain access to contacts via networking and partnership opportunities, helping to demonstrate the quality of your business when seeking new opportunities with suppliers / other businesses / North Lanarkshire Council
  • Recognition as a business which is contributing to wider economic prosperity and sustainability and helping to keep consumer spend within North Lanarkshire.
  • Recognition as an exemplar local employer​, committed to helping the North Lanarkshire economy recover and grow, through adopting the highest employment standards and practices.

Award levels

Awards will be made on the level of compliance to specific criteria.  Partners will sign up in principle to the scheme and will work towards meeting the specific criteria outlined under each of the four pillars:

  • Bronze Award recipients will be able to evidence meeting the criteria of two of the pillars.
  • Silver Award recipients will be able to evidence meeting some of the criteria in three of the pillars and be working towards meeting all four.
  • Gold Award recipients will be able to evidence meeting all the criteria in all four pillars.

To find out more, or if you’d like to apply, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Email us:  Call us: 0800 073 0226