Helping employers in North Lanarkshire

North Lanarkshire’s Working, in partnership with Routes to Work, will help you recruit the right person for the right job for your organisation. We understand the importance of attracting the right talent and will work with you to find, retain and develop your workforce.

Let us remove the hassle and cost out of the recruitment process for you through advertising, training, shortlisting and arranging interviews. We can also offer financial assistance to help you recruit someone from North Lanarkshire into employment.

Contact details and information for other recruitment & business support that exists through local and national agencies can be found here.

If you are ready to take the next step in recruitment get in touch with North Lanarkshire’s Working here to discuss a plan tailored to your business needs or read the case studies below to learn how we’ve helped other businesses in the North Lanarkshire area.

What we can do for you

  • Offer a full recruitment package including advertising, short listing and arranging interviews
  • Provide a rigorous sifting process where we job match the right person for your business
  • Give realistic responses and honesty to manage your expectations
  • 50% of the Apprenticeship Rate, National Living Wage or Real Living Wage for 6 months

What you can do for us

  • Ensure that any vacancies are exclusive and based within North Lanarkshire
  • Guarantee that all vacancies are fair and inclusive, no pre-identified candidates
  • Commit to prompt interview dates and aim to fill any vacancy within 4 weeks

If you are an employer in North Lanarkshire sign up here to find out how we can support you with all your staffing needs.