Walker Profiles


Walker Profiles

Walker Profiles’ Operation Director first heard about North Lanarkshire’s Working when one of the team’s Employability Development Officers called to explain the support that was available to them as a local business.

The company were looking for a fabricator to join their team at the time and decided to take advantage of the “Employer Recruitment Incentive” to support them to do so.

We found the experience enjoyable, with CV’s already being vetted before being sent to us for review. In our opinion, the service honestly minimised the risk to the business with the incentive programme they offered us. We have benefited massively from the support of North Lanarkshire’s Working and experienced a good success rate in recruiting.

If you’re a local business ready to take the next step in staff recruitment, get in touch with North Lanarkshire’s Working here to discuss a plan tailored to your business needs.