Right Track Scotland Ltd

Stage 2: 16-17, 18+

Course Information

To develop personal and vocational skills and provide qualifications to enhance the participant’s opportunities to enter into employment in their chosen occupational sector. The tailored training programme can include literacy/numeracy support, confidence building, personal presentation and health awareness. It will also provide the development of workplace skills that employers expect eg timekeeping, attendance, use of initiative, good attitude and work ethos.

Positive outcomes from the Stage 2 programme will be progression to a more advanced stage of the Employability fund programme, a place on a college course at a more advanced level or to move into employment or a Modern Apprenticeship.

We have 2 training centres supporting the North Lanarkshire EF Programme. Trainees will attend one of these locations, whichever is closer to home or easiest to travel to. Length of time in Centre prior to work taster/experience dependent on individual progress.