Street League

Stage 3: 16-17, 18+

Course Information

Stage 3 – SQA Employability Award: 12 weeks, 20 hours per week over 5 x days (Mon-Fri 9.30am-1.30pm). 8 weeks in centre, 4 weeks on work placement.

We will tap into local relationships with Education Services to plan and deliver community events. Young people will take part in multiple volunteering opportunities. In addition to structured qualifications, young people will take part in employability group work sessions including; barriers, interview skills, CV building, job search, application forms and sustainability. There will be a weekly session aimed at job search and an expectation that young people actively seek employment. Young people will complete 8 weeks in centre followed by 4 weeks on work placement. Placements will be tailored to individual career aspirations and goals. Young people will be action planned, set goals and work towards the development and improvement of the skills and knowledge to be sustainable in employment.