Prospects for Parents

The aim of Prospects for Parents is to help families in North Lanarkshire become better off, by supporting parents to get into work or by helping those in low paid work to increase their wages.

We offer a range of support including money, debt and childcare advice, access to funds – such as the childcare development fund and the discretionary fund – as well as health interventions and access to training/work experience.

The programme has a dedicated Employability Development Officer, who liaises with local businesses to create opportunities for those registered. 

To be eligible you must meet one of thefollowing criteria:

  • Lone parent
  • Disabled parent, or the parent of a disabled child
  • Parent with more than three children
  • Parent with a child under 1 year old
  • Parent under the age of 25
  • From an ethnic minority

If you are eligible you can register for Prospects for Parents by contacting Leea Grierson:

We’d also be happy to hear from you if you’d like to refer a parent you feel could benefit from the programme.